October 14, 2021

How to Plan For An International Move

Moving internationally is a big undertaking for anyone. Once you’ve found your ideal property, it’s time to start deciding what needs to happen before moving day.

You might be wondering what all goes into an international move, and how best to manage the logistics. Well, you’re not alone!

Texas Movers Group is here to help you figure out how to plan for an international move. Here are some of the most important steps involved in making your big life change successful.

Planning for Your Move- What Are You Bringing?

Packing for a foreign move can seem daunting at first, but the next few steps will take care of that. First, you’ll need to find out what needs to be moved – what should stay and what should be shipped out.

Take a look at your expenses, and make a list of anything that will be shipped, either directly to your new home or to a forwarding address. You will want to pay attention to weight, and whether or not you will be able to fit all of your possessions inside the weight allowance of your shipment.

Next, check your postal service’s policies on how long it should take to mail a package to your destination. You will want to make sure that your package doesn’t stay at your local post office too long.

Planning for Your Move- What Are You Leaving Behind?

First things first, you need to decide what you’re leaving behind. Are you moving to the other side of the planet, or just a connecting country?

If you’re planning on leaving your current city, you need to make sure you figure out what you’re leaving behind, and figure out how much of it you need to pack up and bring with you. If you’re going to another country, you’ll need to figure out what you’ll need to pack, and how much time you’ll need to prepare.

How to Prepare Your Home for Removal

Finalize the Moving Timeline

What kind of move is your organization planning? You could be moving across the country or to the other side of the world. Regardless of the form the move takes, you will need to meet with a representative of your moving company.

It’s important that your agent has your moving dates and dates of employment available. They will also provide you with information on their services.

Make sure your entire team is available for the next two weeks Ideally, everyone who has a role to play on your moving team will be in place. The last thing you want is for your moving team to disappear the day before your move.

You should also plan to meet with your moving company representative at least a week in advance of moving day.

Get the Right Moving Insurance

You have to have proper insurance to cover all the moving logistics. Proper insurance covers legal fees, damage deposits and cancellations.

Coverage extends to those costs you incur when you pick up the damaged items, or as a result of damage to your belongings. Not only does insurance help pay for your move, but it also covers your current home so you can avoid being stuck out in the cold during a lengthy move.

Insurance companies offer a variety of options, so be sure to shop around and see what covers what.

Researching International Moving Companies

Before you hire a mover, make sure you do your research. Most countries have strict regulations regarding who moves and who doesn’t. Understanding which countries require companies to carry such insurance is essential.

Hire a Professional Mover

Professional movers can pack and move a house very quickly, so that you can focus on the fun stuff. Not only will a professional mover be faster than you can by yourself, but they will also do a good job on your behalf. Thankfully, hiring a professional mover saves you more than you might think.

Other Important Details to Consider

  • Legal requirements when moving into a country abroad – Research all legal requirements for the country you are considering moving to
  • Exchange rates – How much money do you need to bring with you
  • Rentals (Hotels, vehicles, etc.)
  • The best time to book air travel

What About Mail?

If you’re planning to move to another country, you may have noticed that some mailing addresses are the same as a local home address, and some are not. This means that if you don’t have a local address, you will not be able to receive mail from the U.S. Postal Service.

Since USPS uses your home address to assign international postage to mail you send from that location, your international address needs to be different from your U.S. address. To change your mailing address, just fill out a form with your old U.S. address and the new one you have for your international move.

Remember that in some cases U.S. citizens must wait 30 days before mailing stuff to their overseas address. However, you can mail stuff to your address before that waiting period has elapsed.

Are You Taking Your Vehicle With You?

While we normally advise against moving things that can be very fragile (like photographs, computers, electronics, etc.) when moving internationally, many owners of motor vehicles in North America (US and Canada) can make an exception for moving their vehicles to another country.

This will be one of the most expensive and time consuming parts of moving internationally. We highly recommend you consult with a professional moving company (and have them pre-book your transport) to make sure your vehicle gets to your destination safely and without any accidents!

Who Will Take Care of Your Pets?

If you have pets, please read about the individual steps involved in caring for them here. If you decide to give up your pet, remember that they can suffer severe psychological problems, such as separation anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, as well as physical conditions such as excessive hair loss, ulcers and bone loss.

You may want to consider boarding your pet or boarding with a local animal shelter. There are also several animal protection groups in the U.S. that you may want to consider. Check out the best dog-friendly hotels, cities and countries to visit with your pet! Subsection 5.1.

Why Texas Movers Group Moving Company Helps To Make Your International Move Go As Smoothly as Possible

When moving internationally, you need the right moving company to ensure that everything goes right the first time. Texas Movers Group has helped many people get their belongings safely moved overseas since 2001. Our customer focused team is with you all the way from initial planning to the final moving day.

Contact Texas Movers Group today to get started with your international move.