Austin to El Paso

With Texas being the second largest state in the country, transitioning from city to city within the state can feel like a long-distance move. El Paso is a great change of pace from the capital city. With amenities not available in Austin such as lower costs of living, affordable housing and a variety of outdoor activities, you won’t miss the capital too much.

How’s the weather?

El Paso is known for its sunny days and favorable climate. If you’re interested in warmth at least 300 days of the year, El Paso is for you. Summers can be brutal with May – September being the hottest months. 100 degree days are familiar to El Paso residents; however, the community copes with going outside mainly in the morning or the evening. Air conditioning will be your best friend so be sure to invest.


El Paso, better known as Sun City, is home to several nationally recognized restaurants. With restaurants such as Chico’s Tacos being recognized by Food Network and Cattleman’s Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch being recognized by the Travel Channel, you’re in for a (delectable) treat. Known for its Tex-Mex cuisine, El Paso offers its signature dishes around the community. Not to be confused though, the restaurant scene hosts an array of eateries to try.

Fun in El Paso

Sun City is an adventurous place to live. Unlike Austin, El Paso is home to mountainous terrain which allows residents to hike. Fun fact, because of the mountain, El Paso is the only city in Texas to operate on Mountain Standard Time. From the historic Aztec Caves to jogging along the Rio Grande, you’ll be in awe at the experiences native to the city. El Paso is a history lover’s paradise. Visiting archaeological sites like Keystone Heritage Park and El Paso Desert Botanical Garden will ensure you get to know and love your new landscape. If you are a thrill seeker indoor flying, off-road UTV riding and horseback riding all await you. The desert is yours for the taking.

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