Austin to New York City

The desert has been fun and has its perks but if you’re ready for the concrete jungle known as New York City, then get ready because you’re signing up for the time of your life. NYC is for sure everything you’ve ever seen in the movies except way more authentic. The city that never sleeps offers you great food, Broadway shows, eye-catching skyscrapers, and Central Park; truly, that’s only scratching the surface. Keep reading and you’ll get a glimpse of what life can be like in the big apple.

Planning to move to NYC?

Having a job is the most important aspect of moving and staying in New York. Though it seems like a no-brainer, the cost of living is the straw that can break the camel’s back. With most apartments renting for over $2,500 a month, having a stable income is what pushes residents in or out. If you struggle to find a job, entrepreneurial spirits are high so get creative and you’ll figure it out. Though rent will take up a portion of your finances, commuting won’t. Having a car is known to be useless because of the city’s premier public transit system. Most city’s public transportation cuts off at 10 p.m. but, NYC will take you anywhere you want to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although, local New Yorkers admit that a bike or good pair of walking shoes will do you better than the train/subway, some days. Prepare to walk amongst 8 million other city residents.

NYC Culture

Without any explanation, we all know NYC is the mecca of entertainment. The streets are a movie, literally. Everyday experiences make up the unconventional beauty of NYC life; simultaneously, there’s a high probability of you witnessing an actual movie being filmed. Save your box office money and take a stroll through one of the infamous boroughs or Times Square. New York is more than their stereotypes. So many believe that its people are mean and stern when they’re nice but probably on the move. As you integrate into the community, you’ll develop your very own New York scold. Deemed as one of the most diverse populations in the country, you can be sure to taste it in the community. New York cuisine expands further than the staple chopped cheese or $1 pizza slice. The eats range from ethnicity to ethnicity; between the beautiful Hudson River, thriving art scene, cultural music scene, underground/niche scene and the tourist attractions around the 300-mile square, it’s impossible to cover it all here. The best thing to do is experience as much as you can once you move.


New York is home to some of the most respected institutions in the country. Universities like NYU, Columbia, The New School and Pratt Institute, make pursuing higher education an exquisite option. New York has a great public and private grade school system for your younger family members as well. With so many magnet, art and charter schools available, NYC hones the skills of the youth to produce the changemakers of tomorrow.

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