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Acknowledged as America’s Finest City, San Diego is home to a 1.3 million diverse population. Sitting on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and at the most Southern point of California, you can expect a year full of fun, clear skies, sunny days, and enjoyable weather. They say it never rains in Southern California and well, they’re right.

What Does San Diego Have to Offer?

San Diego offers an engaging community that welcomes newcomers as often as every day. With an already diverse population, tourism serves as the grossing industry in the city. Constant tourism means the city always attracts cultural events, musical acts, art festivals and more. More importantly, it means that adjusting to your new community won’t be hard as you’ll certainly fit right in. San Diego is heavily inspired by its neighboring city Tijuana that’s only a 45-minute drive away. The city is known to have the best Mexican food outside of Mexico and no one disagrees (except LA). Make no mistake, the food scene is still more diverse than its people. You’ll be able to find great pizza in Little Italy, tasty Pho on Convoy St. and great BBQ in La Mesa. With great eats comes great fun. The consistent nice weather leaves room for a plethora of outdoor activities. You won’t have many days where boredom is an issue. If you do, a quick visit to Cowles Mountain for a nice hike will cure it. The outdoor recreation is honestly unmatched.

How’s The Weather?

San Diegans rarely deal with winter. When you’re used to 77 degree days for the majority of the year, anything under 70 degrees seems like freezing. You’ll need a hoodie for late evenings on the beach or when the chillier days come in around late October lasting until January. Other than that, you can be positive that you won’t get much use out of a winter coat. Summer can get toasty with consecutive 90 degree days from June to October. You’ll benefit more from AC and your favorite sunscreen so don’t forget to stay stocked up. Fall and Spring aren’t too noticeable but some locals say they can feel the transitions.

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