Austin to Seattle

Home of the Space Needle and better known as the Emerald City, your corner of the Pacific Northwest awaits. Leaving Austin behind is bittersweet but it’s time for a change. The city’s 730,000 residents are ready for their new edition – you!

Planning to move to Seattle?

You’ve got a lot in store for yourself! Ignore the stereotype that Seattle is an endless rainy day leaving you in rain boots forever. The reality is, Seattle doesn’t experience more rain than any other major city such as Miami or New York. Summers are dry and winters are wet so you’ll experience most of your rain in the chillier months. The job market is thriving with the dominant industries being a blend of tech, Fortune500 companies and global health industries. Most people drive themselves but the city is noted to have the best public transportation system in the country. Heavy traffic is a symptom of a thriving city so be prepared to leave room for that in your daily commute.

Seattle Culture

Due to your proximity to the Pacific ocean, you’ll be swapping the tacos for fresh fish or ramen. Tacos still will be readily available though; the diversity of the population has led to an organic fusion of cultures. The blend is most reflected in the community members and food. You’re likely to find fusions of dishes that you never imagined. For music lovers, legendary acts were bred in the city so you’ll see reminiscences of them all over; there are constant music events and concerts. News lovers will enjoy being in the presence of NPR.  Take a stop by the Museum of Pop Culture and see it all for yourself. Emerald City is committed to healthy residents so don’t forget to stop by your local farmer’s market.


Seattle is known to be one of the most educated cities in the country. Four out of five people who move to Seattle hold a Bachelor’s degree. You or your children have great schools to choose from in the area. There are over 500 public and private schools along with 7 universities.

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