Austin to Vegas

Let the dice roll! You’ve decided to bet on yourself and make the decision to move from one desert to another. Las Vegas or Sin City is the 26th most populated city in the country and the most populated city in Nevada. Full of diversity and tourism Vegas awaits you. Moving from Texas’ capital to the flashing lights of Vegas will make for a fun, smooth and worthwhile transition.

Living Beyond the Vegas Strip

Compared to other major cities, Las Vegas has a low cost of living. A two-bedroom runs you roughly $1500 in Vegas; living elsewhere the most that’ll get you is a one bedroom but more than likely a studio. Most people think of casinos, Caesar’s Palace, showgirls and more casinos when they hear the words Las Vegas. Truthfully, there is a lot more to Nevada’s city if you look for it. Just 20 minutes beyond the Strip is Red Rock Canyon, a national conservation area within the Mojave Desert.  Vegas is home to a myriad of national parks which makes it a paradise for people who prioritize the outdoors. If you’re up for a day trip out of the city, there are even more natural hot spots a few more miles out. Because of the notoriety of the city, it possesses a diverse population with diverse cuisine to accompany it. Vegas attracts tourism, celebrity chefs, festivals and top-tier experiences so you’ll never be bored.


Because Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert you will experience dry heat for the majority of the year. What you won’t experience are the seasons. Fall, Winter and Spring aren’t filled with leaves dropping and brisk morning air. While it is cooler it’ll still be fairly warm compared to other places in the country. Summer is the harshest season and lasts the longest. It is normal to experience consecutive days with temperatures reaching 110 degrees. Pack your sunscreen and load up on the indoor activities. Heat aside, the area still has much to offer; you’ll just have to adjust and you will.

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