Dallas to Chicago Drive

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States; with a population of 2.7 million, you’re opening yourself up to a world of new experiences. A place with annual film festivals, jazz concerts, 40 cultural heritage museums, over 7,000 restaurants, over 200 theatres and independent cinema you won’t miss out on anything! Continue reading to see what your new life could be.

What Does Chicago Have to Offer?

The windy city has over 600 parks which makes it the best city to take a stroll in. Chicago is already known for its walkability but as a new resident, you’ll have tons to explore without having to burn gas or bike. If you want to bike around there are plenty of lanes to do that safely. Sustainability is never frowned upon. More residents commute by bike there than almost any other location in the country. Chicago is home to 8 professional sports teams with two being major league baseball so get those tickets early. The job market in Chicago is diverse in its industries; if you’re hoping to find a job in finance, film, publishing, manufacturing, food-processing or engineering you’re making the right move. As the center of commerce and over 20 Fortune500 companies, you won’t struggle to find financial security. Chicago is significantly less expensive than New York or Los Angeles so that’s a plus. Living in Chicago isn’t the cheapest but you’re not only paying for necessities but a thriving community as well.

How’s The Weather?

The summers are steamy, hot and humid. Chicagoans are the most active during the warmer months due to such cold and long winters. Fall is nice but it quickly transitions to a harsh winter. Prepare for ice, sleet, hail and a few feet of snow. The windy city earned its name fair and square. Though you won’t have to worry about staying indoors all winter if you purchase a hefty coat. With the amazing shops around the city, it won’t be hard to stay warm and look good while doing so. Because the city is used to the seasons, events still happen but accommodations are made to keep the community active. For example, beer festivals are held in heated tents and your favorite music acts still come out for annual festivals for entertainment.

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