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Have you heard the phrase “three moves equals a fire?” It refers to the idea that the amount of damage and lost items that occur over the course of three moves are roughly the same as what you would experience in a house fire.

With the right help, it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why Texas Movers Group is here for you as you start the next chapter of your life in Chicago.

Moving From Dallas to Chicago

Long distance moves are notorious for their difficulty. Lengthy road trips are already uncomfortable and stressful without trying to haul a trailer full of everything you own across the country. When you add a big moving truck full of stuff, it’s even more challenging.

There are nearly a thousand miles between Dallas and Chicago, although the exact distance depends on where you begin and end your journey in each city.

The idea of packing up your entire home can make even traveling a single one of those miles seem like an insurmountable barrier. That’s true whether you’ve been offered an exciting career opportunity or are moving to be closer to other members of your family.

How Texas Movers Group Can Help

You don’t have to struggle through a long distance move alone. We’re here to help. Texas Movers Group is one of the premier moving companies in the country, and we have the services you need, including:

  • Loading your belongings, which involves labeling, inventorying and carefully packing every item. 
  • Transporting your belongings as safely as possible in trucks driven by professionals.
  • Unloading your belongings, checking them off on our inventory and placing them in the rooms where you want them.
  • Crating items that are delicate or valuable and need additional care. 
  • Assembly and disassembly, so you’re not stuck with even more work when you get to your new home. 
  • Storage for cases in which you can’t move your belongings immediately.

Do you need a service that isn’t listed above? Ask before your quote is completed, and we may be able to accommodate you. For example, we offer white glove moving upon request.

If you’re ready to move from Dallas to Chicago without all the usual stress, get in touch with Texas Movers Group today. From the personal consultant you will be assigned to help you through the moving process to our highly skilled movers to our expert drivers, our team can’t wait to help you.


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