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Moving from state to state can be a daunting process, especially if you are moving to a northern state with a different climate and culture. There are hours of planning and preparation for you and your loved ones involved, and the experience can be very stressful. Texas Mover’s Group is here to take the stress out of that process for you, and make sure your property is moved quickly and safely.

With over 20 years of experience in the moving business, we are the greater Dallas area’s first choice for full-service relocation services. Read on to learn how we can help you make your big move to the city of Indianapolis, IN, the Crossroads of America.

Relocating from Dallas to Indianapolis, Indiana

Here are the most important points to ponder when planning a move from Dallasto Indianapolis:


  • Compared to Dallas, Indianapolis summers tend to be mild with temperatures in the low to mid 80s.
  • Summer heatwaves are becoming more common, but overall the days are much more pleasant than a Texas summer.
  • Fall, which begins around mid September, is a low humidity season with temperatures in the 50s and 60s during the day. It is not uncommon to see temperatures falling below freezing at night.
  • Winters are much colder than Texas, with day time temperatures at or below freezing for much of the season.
  • November is when the season begins, and weather usually begins to warm again by mid-March.
  • Spring starts the tornado and thunderstorm season that can last all the way through summer. Spring itself begins in March and lasts until mid-May.
  • Rain is common in the spring around Indianapolis, but like most temperate regions the climate starts to dry out more towards the beginning of summer in mid-June.
  • Most regions are unaffected by inclement and hazardous weather.
  • Tornado season is an important consideration in planning your relocation if you will be living in or near a tornado or heavy thunderstorm zone.


  • Indianapolis school district boasts 65 schools K-12.
  • Average student to teacher ratio is 13:1, and average class size is 18.
  • Revenue/student is $18,139, approximately $7,000 than the rest of the state of Indiana at $11,977. This metric is a good indicator that schools in the district are well funded.
  • The high school graduation rate in Indianapoliis school districts is 87.7 percent
  • The high school dropout rate is 3.3 percent

Culture & Entertainment

  • Downtown Indianapolis has a massive art, entertainment and shopping district, with restaurants, cafes and bistros for blocks in every direction.
  • Public transportation makes a night on the town reliable and easy.
  • For art lovers, the Indianapolis Artsgarden is an experience not to be missed, with galleries and installations for thousands of square feet.
  • Sports fans have plenty to do with major league teams making their home in Indy from football to basketball.
  • The Indanapolis Motor Speedway, also called The Brickyard, attracts racing teams from around the world to compete at every level of the sport. Visit for a race, or take your own sports car out on speedway yourself during an open track day.

Why Choose Texas Movers Group For Your Move?

The reasons to choose our team for your move to Indianapolis are simple:

  • All inclusive long distance moving services have our team pack, organize, load and transport your prized possessions, furniture and appliances safely and efficiently.
  • Upon arrival, our team will place everything in your new home exactly where you want it to make unpacking stress-free.
  • We use only the best eco-friendly packing materials to ensure your property is not damaged in transit.
  • We offer assembly and disassembly services for appliances, furniture and more at the point of origin and in your new home.
  • Texas Movers Group also provides secure storage services as needed both in Dallas and at your destination.

If you are planning to relocate from Dallas to Indianapolis, contact us today for an estimate and information. Let Texas Movers Group make your move north a truly world-class experience.

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