Dallas to Minneapolis

Goodbye Fort Worth and hello Twin City! You’ve decided to move from the warm terrain of Dallas to the Land of 10,000 Lakes! Here’s a quick rundown of the new experience that awaits you!

The Land of 10,000 Lakes

Minneapolis is a front row seat to nature’s beauty. In a 6 mile block within the city, you’ll witness your first touch of natural landscapes. Grab your bike or borrow from a ride-share app to explore the scenic trails. Take a kayak to the banks of the Mississippi River. There are so many natural wonders to explore in your community! 22 of the 10,000 lakes are in Minneapolis alone. Compared to Dallas, the winters are brutal but that won’t stop you from enjoying your lakes. When they freeze over, the community offers ice surfing across the lake or a good ol’ game of pond hockey. Whatever you enjoyed in the summer can be adapted for the colder months. Bring your jacket, your fishing gear and get right to it!

Fun in Minneapolis

Sometimes referred to as New York’s “little brother,” the city is lined with some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country. Minneapolis makes up  ½ of Twin City with the other half being the neighboring city, St. Paul. When you step foot downtown, you’ll see why it’s called Twin City. Together the region houses roughly 2.9 million residents. Those 2.9 million residents (including you) have access to ten of the largest museums in the country; you also gain a premier shopping experience with the mega mall, Mall of America. Minneapolis knows the definition of go big or go home. In addition to having a variety of shops, you won’t be taxed on any apparel or accessories. A great perk when you’ll definitely have to change your wardrobe to accommodate those harsh winters.  Sports lovers will be overwhelmed as the city is home to NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS teams! Enjoy great food, eclectic nightlife and a diverse community in Minneapolis.

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