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Steel City, better known as Pittsburgh, has been a powerhouse in Pennsylvania and America since its origination. Known for its industrial strides, Pittsburgh has blossomed into a beautiful community with the perfect blend of history and new-age progression. 

What Should I Expect From Pittsburgh?

With over 90 neighborhoods and its expanding economy, there are more than enough opportunities to turn Steel City into your home. The job market is diverse and inclusive to all professions. From industrial to tech to healthcare and beyond; powerhouse tech brands like Apple, IBM, Google and Facebook have offices in the area. The median average salary is $60,000; complemented by a low cost of living, you can feel confident about gaining financial security. Additionally, the area has a strong nonprofit and philanthropic presence. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the life you can create for yourself in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh’s International Airport is ranked as one of the best airports in the country. Traveling to your favorite destinations has never been easier. Keep in mind, winters are harsh and you’ll experience more than a few inches of snow. Snuggle up at home and enjoy the snowflakes of the season. The housing market moves fast in Pittsburgh so if you spot your dream residence, try to get on it as soon as possible.


With several professional sports teams representing the city, you’re bound to be a fan at weekly games just like the locals. Whether you’re into football, hockey or baseball, there are season passes waiting for you! World-renowned visual artist Andy Warhol has a museum dedicated to his archive of work. Book a guided tour to see the Rivers of Steel and learn the history of the industrial city; figure out how they continue to reinvent themselves. Shopping is no problem especially if you’re downtown. The walkable landscape allows you to skip out on the driving and explore the city on foot. If you’re looking for retail heaven, 50 miles out is a premier outlet waiting for you. The city hosts annual film festivals and lots of other events for its people. Full of evening adventures, start your night with great cuisine and end it at an upscale club; Pittsburgh has everything you want if you’re down to explore it.

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