Dallas to San Diego

San Diego has been a popular destination for people looking to move further west for years, thanks to its mild, comfortable climate. It has a long history of hosting military and other defense-related activities, and in recent years, it has also become a hub for technology and healthcare activities. 

Of course, it also has some of California’s best beaches and excellent craft beer. If you’re moving out to San Diego, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it. Unfortunately, the moving process is rarely as enjoyable as a day on the beach or a brand new job. 

Moving Dallas to San Diego

It’s easy to forget just how large Texas is until you’re driving across it. If you’re moving out to San Diego from Dallas, you’ll see most of Texas along with parts of New Mexico, Arizona and California. You’re in for quite the trip. It’s almost 20 hours and more than 1,300 hundred miles from Dallas to San Diego. 

A lot of people dread moving, and with good reason. Everyone is stressed, crabby and there’s somehow never enough room in the truck for all of your belongings without rearranging things at least twice. Luckily, Texas Movers Group is here to help your move go smoothly. 

Texas Movers Group Offers Expert Help

Part of what makes the moving process so stressful when you pursue it on your own is that it’s so far outside of the realm of what you usually do. You never really have a chance to get into the swing of things. 

For professional movers, however, this is what we do. We have moving down to a science:

  • Our loading process includes steps for labeling and inventorying all of your belongings.
  • Our professionally driven trucks are equipped with air-ride suspension for a smooth, safe journey.
  • Once we reach your new home, we’ll unload your items and place them in the rooms where you want them. 
  • For delicate, fragile or valuable items like artwork, we offer a unique crating service for your peace of mind. 
  • We can take apart most large objects and then reassemble them for you once we’ve arrived at your new home, leaving you with more time to unpack and adjust.
  • If your move gets delayed leaving your belongings in limbo, we offer a free month of storage. 

Here at Texas Movers Group, we have years of moving experience. Everything we do has been tried and tested, so our process is as efficient and effective as possible. If you want to enjoy the benefits of working with experts for your next move, contact us today for your free quote.

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