Dallas to Washington

The hustle and bustle of Dallas has been nice but now you have decided on the nation’s capital. Washington, D.C. has its fair share of fun, history and culture that’ll leave you more excited than anxious. With over 6 million residents and 20 million visitors per year, the political mecca hosts one of the most diverse populations in the country.

How’s The Weather?

Dallas is known for its dry heat and Mediterranean climate; D.C. gives more variety with its seasons. The capital has hot and humid summers; most summers include heavy rainfall and lasting thunderstorms. Fall only lasts for a second and the winters are harsh. You can bet that you’ll experience more than a few inches of snow.  The coldest nights have been known to drop down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Is There To Do For Fun?

D.C. is built on the foundation of cultural history and diversity. Between the annual jazz fest held 16 years straight to the annual cherry blossom fest, you won’t know what to do first. Sports fans may end up with more than one season pass; the capital is home to NBA, WNBA, NFL and NHL professional teams. From April-December the city hosts their farmers market for those interested in the freshest of produce, fun goodies and local vendors. Because of its diversity, the art scene is urban, colorful and full of life. The melting pot of D.C. has created a culture that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Original styles of music such as Go-Go have been birthed in the city which makes it unique.

How’s Education In The Area?

There’s a chance you or someone in your family is looking to enroll in school. You’re definitely in the right place. While the public school systems used to lack a solid reputation, they’ve improved significantly over the last few years. Over 18,000 of the city’s youth are enrolled in private schools. When seeking higher education, institutions like Howard University, Georgetown University and George Washington University make it impossible to make a bad choice. If you aren’t looking to be enrolled, the plethora of Smithsonian museums are open year round to teach you a thing or two.

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