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Los Angeles lies in the state of opportunities for many hard-working and educated dreamers on their career path to their dream jobs to shoot for stardom or to make a difference in the world. With their city by the Western coastline, there are plenty of non-stop activities to try, conventions to participate in, and an open community. Moving to Los Angeles is like having paradise right at your doorstep.

When it comes to long-distance moving to California, your mover must have a registered out-of-state license to help you move in. Luckily, Texas Movers Group has fully licensed trucks with valid TxDMV numbers on the license plate, and our employees carry valid commercial moving licenses. Our movers went through all the lengths to stay prepared ahead of time to keep on truckin’ all regionally. We even went further and beyond to keep all of our trucks and driver’s licenses up to date.

We provide our trucks to go under inspection monthly and weekly for a safe and sanitary ride for your cargo. The problem with most moving companies is that while they offer you a service, they don’t regularly check the conditions of their moving vehicles. An unclean truck can lead to attracting unwanted pests, and bacteria will cultivate in the trailers. A dented one can lead to faulty doors opening and closing during the moving trip that can be unsafe for your belongings.

With Texas Movers Group, we inspect every nook and cranny to clean our trucks spotless to keep your belongings in a mess-free environment. We stock up on cleaning supplies to keep our storage trunk sanitized while on the road. If we find any dented vehicles in our inventory, we prevent them from being part of the moving process to keep your furniture safe and replace them with an operational one.

Having a licensed out-of-state mover that can provide a safe trip across the country for your belongings can be very hard to find nowadays. Our 16 teams of movers in Houston can help you prepare for your long-distance moving trip while reassuring you that your cargo will be in a clean environment. And a vehicle that is in mint condition to give your furniture a safe, comfortable ride.

If you are someone new to the long-distance moving process, one of our experienced and professional movers can assist you in the next big step in your life. Contact a Texas Movers Group representative today.

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