Houston, TX to New York, NY

New York is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. The city itself provides many opportunities in education while having the chance to enjoy the entertainment of Broadway, its vast history of America’s development through industry advancements, and the establishment of one of the country’s favorite past times, baseball.

A busy state is a great place to move into if you want to establish a business for yourself.

However, the one thing that stops people from moving to New York is the cost of moving from one state to another. For Houston residents planning to move up north, it will take about around 1,630 miles. That’s about 25 hours in a day or a three-day trip. And the distance can make the road trip expensive with the added moving costs for shipping supplies. We can help.

With Texas Group Movers, we can help by providing you customizable crates for your furniture while consulting a long-distance moving plan. They are available in all types of furniture, whether big or small. The reason why they are customizable is to know what kind of protection your furniture will need.

Fragile furniture such as glass will need foam to prevent it from shattering. Table furniture, including desks and side tables, need to be taken apart carefully before being set into their crates. And softer furniture like pillows and mattresses will need to be kept in a cold temperature crate to prevent any moisture from attaching to their fabric. All of these crates come included with our long-distance moving service along with our other moving services.

We provide our crates to reassure our customers from spending so much time gathering cheap cardboard shipping boxes. They should be more focused on knowing the costs they will have for the road trip. And our Texas Movers Group experts will help you take care of the furniture along the way without worrying so much about the packaging.

Last but not least, it is advised to move into New York during the spring and summertime. We want your furniture and your family to arrive safely without any problems with the snow.

For over 20 years, Texas Movers Group has happily been serving our customers quality moving service. Our job is to help you relax while we provide you the materials you need before moving day arrives. If you would like to know more about our customizable crates, contact Texas Movers Group today.

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