Houston, Tx to Oklahoma City, OK

From city to city, from state to state, any big move we can handle.

We love a good challenge and distance has never been an issue for us. Relocating to another state with Texas Movers Group is surprisingly not as difficult as you’d think.

What can we offer you

Well, we have all the services you will need when it comes to long distance moving.


Once all your packed items are ready to go we will label, inventory and load it all for you, with our systematic process. Additionally, all upholstered furniture is wrapped in professional moving pads that will cover the furniture to protect them from damage and dirt.


We’re on the move. All of our trailers come equipped with an air-ride suspension system. This system ensures that all the contents travel in the safest way possible. All of our trucks are driven by professional movers who have received the best training in the industry.


We won’t leave you hanging! If you thought you were going to have to unload all your items yourself, guess again. Once we arrive all contents are inventories as they are unloaded.

If you have a room designation for each furniture and belongings let us know and we will unload them in those rooms.

Beds, bookcases and other furniture need assembling? We got you! Let us know and it is available upon request! Additionally, our professional movers will make sure your new home floors are protected. You won’t see a stain or scratch on your carpeted or wood floors!


If you have items that are of high-value Texas Movers Group will provide crating for high-value or fragile items. Artwork, electronic equipment, delicate collectibles, you name it. These delicacies require heavy attention and we make sure that they are unscathed.


Assemble or disassemble, we can do both! If we can assemble furniture then we can disassemble it too. Any items that need disassembling or assembling will get done on our arrival.

Move with us

Texas Movers Group has been in the industry for over 20 years and with our knowledge and expertise your next move is a guaranteed quality move.

You can give yourself a head start by just getting a free estimate. Visit our website and services provided so you can ease your stressed mind and take advantage of what we provide. We’ll be waiting for your call.

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