Houston, TX to Phoenix, AZ

So you’re moving from Houston to Phoenix. Maybe this is your first time or maybe you’re an experience mover. Either way, moving is always a struggle. Even if you’ve had experience in relocation the stress never goes away. We want to provide you with some simple tips to make sure your move is just that easy.

Plan ahead

If you know the date of your move it’s always good to plan ahead. Create a to-do list. This to-do list can help you plan pre-moving, during moving and post-moving. This list is really subjective. You don’t necessarily have to make three different types of lists, all we’re saying is having a list ready helps you stay organized and keep track of time. It’s good to keep ahead of the schedule.


We know creating a budget is a stressful job but you’ll thank yourself for having a budget. It’s easy to spend more than you’d like when relocating. Having a budget could prevent that from happening. Create a budget plan for how much you want to spend on moving and other costs that might go into it in the process. Being able to keep track of what goes out your pocket will help you prepare any unforeseen circumstances that can occur during your moving process.


Researching on the area you’re moving to will help you figure out what you should bring and what you can leave behind. This will help narrow down the packing list and see what personal belongings are of high importance and what aren’t. For example, what’s the weather in Phoenix like? Are there more rainy days than sunny days? Or are there more colder days than warmer days? Having an idea of what the city is going to be like will give you an idea of the items to pack.

Texas Movers Group is the mover you need

At Texas Movers Group we will provide you with the service for long distance moving thanks to our 20 years of experience. Whether you need your items to be labeled or your high-value items need crating, we have the right services for you.

Our movers have the best expertise and training in the industry so your belongings will arrive to you on-time and unscathed. As soon as you’re ready to move, Texas Movers Group is ready to team up with you and offer you a smooth move.

All you have to do, visit our website, check out our services, ask your questions, and get packing. Visit our website right now!

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