November 26, 2021

Moving Long Distance: The Challenges You Face While Moving & Its Solution

Long distance moving will always be a test of your patience and perseverance. We know it is not an easy task. If only moving was as easy as reading a book. Here at Texas Movers Group, we understand the struggle and know that we are your helping hands.

There are and will be challenges that you will have to overcome for your long distance move. But that does not mean you can’t be over prepared for those challenges. Here are some challenges that you might face while moving and its solution.

Challenge #1 Packing for a long distance move

When packing for a long distance move the hassle is trying to figure out how you’re getting to move your personal belongings with as little to no damage as possible. All of your belongings are valuable, but there are some items that are probably much more fragile that you can’t risk damage. So what can you do?

Solution: Moving companies want to make sure that your belongings are reaching you from point A to point B. They want to move your belongings and have them transported to you with no damage.

If it’s within your budget hiring professional packing will be the way to go. Moving companies with a lot of experience use specific packing materials and specialized moving, which is essential for moving long distances. Packing for local distances is much simpler as the distance between the locations are shorter. Here are a few things to consider when packing for long distance:

  • Double wrap furniture using shrink wrap and new/sterilized moving blankets
  • Double-layered, corrugated boxes for maximum protection
  • Specialized boxes for fragile belongings and electronic equipments and artwork

The key to all the packing is organization. Organization is your new best friend. Consider labeling each and every one of your boxes based on room. If you are packing yourself, we recommend that you label your boxes with your full name.

Challenge #2 What is going to be moved

Apart from figuring out how you pack and ship your belongings to your new home, knowing what is actually going to move with you and what is not is part of the challenge and process. So how do you know what is going to move?

Solution: Create an inventory list. The inventory list can be very specific. The list doesn’t have to follow a certain way or method. As long as you can understand how the list works, then that’s all. The inventory list should help you figure out what is moving, being donated or sold. Plus this list will also come in handy when unpacking your boxes. Your inventory will also help you make sure that all of your boxes and belongings arrive at your new home. Most importantly, it’s a great way to check that nothing went missing during the packing process before the movers leave for their destination.

As for items that you don’t need or not taking with you, clients could make a little extra cash by selling these items. If you think that might take up more time than you’d like, donate them!

Challenge #3 Lost or damaged valuables

It’s already challenging having to move cross country or internationally. But when you’re faced with an unexpected situation of your belongings either getting lost or damaged, what are you going to do?

Solution: Consider getting insurance. It would be less of a struggle if all of your items reached you without a scratch. Damaged or lost items aren’t very common. It’s good to prepare yourself for the unexpected. Ask your moving company about moving insurance. Depending on the moving company’s policies you might even be able to insure specific belongings that are valuable for the trip.

If insurance isn’t in the picture for you, fret not. One way you could prevent damage to your items is by labeling boxes as “fragile” and organizing your boxes in the safest way possible.

When packing your items don’t put all the fragile items into one box. Instead, spread them out into other boxes with extra and proper padding. This way, if your boxes get mishandled you won’t be surprised with opening one box with broken glass or dishware.

Challenge #4 Unexpected costs

One of the most frustrating and challenging parts about moving is unexpected costs. We’ll be frank, your moving might cost a little more than you thought.

Solution: Make a budget. You can make a budget which will take into account what you know you will spend. Then make sure to leave extra room for situations that may happen.

For example, you might have to do a last minute supply run, or you may have to end up staying somewhere overnight due to mechanics or weather issues. Or it might be for a situation where food isn’t available so you need to order take-out.

Working with a moving company will help you give an overall estimate of what you will be spending on your move. Just in case, keep a little extra in your budget for personal expenses on the way.

What can Texas Movers Group do for you

Texas Movers Group is the one stop shop for all your moving concerns. Need insurance for some of the items you’re shipping? Texas Movers Group.

Need a moving company that will help you plan your move according to your moves and budget? Texas Movers Group.

Need some loading assistance? Texas Movers Group will make sure all your belongings are labeled, inventoried, and loaded in a systematic process. They will also make sure that all your upholstered furniture is wrapped with professional moving pads that cover the furniture and protect it from dirt and damage.

Need assistance with unloading? Texas Movers Group offers professional help. Upon arrival, all items are inventoried as they are unloaded. When unloading, furniture, boxes and other belongings are placed in the rooms you designate. Assembly of beds, bookcases and other furniture is available upon request.

Long distance moving doesn’t have to be strenuous. Texas Movers Group is here to make sure your long distance moving experience is nothing but a smooth ride.

Contact Texas Movers Group, your long distance move solution.