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User Icon Review By : BRUCE, TEXAS

Reviewed on : August 10, 2019

Superb Movers

Affordability and reliability are the prominent features of this moving company. I have personally experienced them and in my opinion, they are quite prepared every time you meet them. Their team members are polite in communicating which made it easier for me and my wife to frankly communicate with them and they were in time every time! We never had to place repeated calls to ask where they are.. They reached in time, they loaded in time and they delivered in time. I am not sure about other moving companies in Texas, but about this, I can state that they are superb movers in this business!

This Review is for: Texas Movers Group Reviewed on : August 10, 2019

User Icon Review By : JEFF, TEXAS

Reviewed on : March 18, 2019

Good job

This is probably the first service providing company I have ever seen which delivers exactly what they say. Usually, the business managers claim too much in the first meeting to convince their customers and then keep on presenting lame excuses for being not able to serve all what had been promised. But with this company, they explained everything very clearly right on the day one. And then things went simply and quickly! Good job Texas movers group, I would love to recommend you to others

This Review is for: Texas Movers Group Reviewed on : March 18 2019

User Icon Review By : HARPER, TEXAS

Reviewed on : July 10, 2019

Ideal company

I hardly could see any other moving company competing this one in the market. There are more than one reason why this company takes the lead from the rest of the ordinary lot. And one of those reasons is the extraordinarily high quality wrapped in the shell of extremely low price. I am into the business of book selling from the last 20 years and I have used more than 11 moving companies to deliver books to different states. And in the light of my experience, I can safely state here that none has offered better services than Texas movers group. They take care of the timely delivery of the books, they give free and accurate estimates right away, they have free online and offline consultation service and above all, they have a multiple modes of payments acceptable at their end. So, for me, it is just the ideal company to have!

This Review is for: Texas Movers Group Reviewed on : July 10, 2019

User Icon Review By : ANDREA, TEXAS

Reviewed on : October 06, 2019

Would definitely recommend their Service

My experience with Texas Movers Group was excellent. Had no problems whatsoever. I had no damaged items and they ensured all of my sensitive items were adequately stored. What I like most about the service is the timely manner in which everything was done. While moving from Texas, the movers ensured that they found out where I wanted all the heavy items to go in my new home in Florida. Everything was so easy. I give them two thumbs up. I Would definitely recommend their Service to you. By the way I have a three bedroom home.

This Review is for: Texas Movers Group Reviewed on : October 06, 2019

User Icon Review By : MICHELLE, TEXAS

Reviewed on : June 10, 2019

Friendly and Professional Service

Texas movers group deserve all the compliments, top ratings, referrals and great reputation they’re getting. They gave me a top quality moving service and a really good price. The work was worth every penny I paid because they didn’t damage any of my valuable goods and were able to deliver at the appointed time. They helped me arrange my new house and I want to repay such kindness by recommending them to other people needing a friendly and professional relocation service.

This Review is for: Texas Movers Group Reviewed on : June 10, 2019

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