September 8, 2021

What to Know While Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic

Planning to move to a new home can be quite stressful by itself, but attempting to move during the Coronavirus pandemic can easily up your stress level 10-fold. Here at Texas Movers Group we know a home can become a sanctuary for a family who need to move during the COVID-19 outbreak.

With the proper preparations, a family can relocate to a new home – a sanctuary – even during a pandemic, and continue to live as normal as possible. This article will tell you about what you need to know when moving to a new home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How Does COVID-19 Affect Your Move?

As with any large-scale public health crisis, there are a few things to be aware of before you make your move. If you or your family is currently infected with COVID-19 or in the middle of treatment, it is highly recommended you delay your move until COVID-19 is under control.

If you know you will be moving to a new home shortly after treatment, however, don’t worry. While there are some precautions you can take before you make your move, you can move to a new home during a COVID-19 pandemic with just a little preparation.

Planning for a Move During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Before even beginning to consider what will take place during the Coronavirus Pandemic, one must first realize that no matter where you are in the country, it is likely you will be in the middle of the Coronavirus affected city, town or state.

You will want to make a list of things you absolutely have to bring with you when moving. The list should include the most common sense essentials you will need immediately when you arrive at your new home. Remember not to pack just for the sake of packing – pack for your safety and protection.

Safety Kit for Moving

When you decide to move to a new home, it is important that you take precautions to make sure you stay safe and healthy. The first step is to purchase a home health safety kit.

This kit should contain the following items:

  • Additional Toilet Paper
  • Bedding
  • Medical Supplies
  • Freshly Cleaned or New Clothing and Shoes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Wipes
  • Light Bulbs

Get Everyone Ready

As you prepare for a big move, if everyone has already received their COVID-19 vaccinations, don’t forget to check with your doctor for a flu shot and that everyone in your household who may come in contact with others – such as a family member or caretaker – should get vaccinated.

Especially for those who work in healthcare – this is critical.

Get Moving

When you are preparing for a move, move quickly but as safely as possible, because it is extremely important to get as much of your stuff out of the home you are preparing to move from as you can.

Many times, very few of the things you plan to take with you to a new home will end up being taken with you. Move quickly because the faster you can move, the faster you can limit the chances that anyone in your household will minimize contact with someone who might be infected with Coronavirus.

Who Should Move First During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

If the family wants to move, they should do so as soon as they can. If they do, it will help them better control their environment.

Do not wait until the last minute to move. Why? Two very important criteria need to be satisfied during the decision-making process.

  • One, the time left is going to be more precious with the exception of the family that does not have a choice.
  • Two, they need to be careful not to expose themselves to the virus during the journey.

The Single Parent With Children

When thinking about leaving the school and friends of your children, be sure that the home you decide upon is close enough for you to keep close contact with your kids during this critical time.

A home with good school and school bus transportation is a must for you. It is extremely important to speak with your children’s teachers and school counselors as soon as possible to ensure the school will allow you to stay with your children during the evacuation period.

If the school is making plans for an evacuation and you have no plans, your move to a new home might have to be delayed until the end of the school year.

Families With Younger and Older Children

If you have children, there are important steps you must take to protect their health during a move while there is a COVID-19 outbreak. The following are some tips to keep your children safe:

  • Ventilate your new home as soon as possible and move anything you can – including children’s toys – up into the attic, away from the areas where you need to clean.
  • Disinfect EVERYTHING in the new home when you arrive. We’re talking from the doorknob to the garage door handles and everything in between.
  • Do not cover a pet carrier with a sheet or plastic as this will not provide adequate ventilation for them.

Families with Pets, Elderly or Sick Members


The option for moving pets will vary from state to state. Even if your pet is already traveling with the family, it is a good idea to plan to contact your veterinarian to double check if they have any special requirements, if necessary.

Some states may be more strict than others about traveling with animals.

Additionally, because many people are taking their pets with them during the pandemic, people should make sure that the animal has access to food and water.

Consider Hiring Professional Movers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We hope you enjoyed this article about What to Know While Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic. Of course, even if you don’t live in the path of the Coronavirus Pandemic, most home buyers will want to avoid moving during the pandemic.

Texas Movers Group is a team of professional moving experts that have the experience and skills necessary to ensure that a client’s home move will be completed safely within the Coronavirus safety procedures.

But most of all, Texas Movers Group is one of the few Moving Companies in Texas that has a dedicated team of special insured movers to respond to potential clients moving during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Contact Texas Movers Group today for more information.