July 5, 2021

Who Should Consider Long Distance Moving?

Moving long distances may sound traumatic, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. It happens all the time everyday here at Texas Movers Group. Whether you’re in the military or just wanting to start a new life someplace else, long distance moving can be relatively painless. 

There is a fine line between a long distance moving company (which is what we’re going to focus on today) and a local moving company (which is what you’ll often find in your neighborhood). Our company happens to specialize at both.

This article will talk about exactly what is considered long distance moving. We will take you through some important steps to think about before, during and after your move. 

What Does Long Distance Moving Mean?

The word “distance” is in the title of this article because, in short, long distance moving can mean a lot of things. First and foremost, it means that you’re relocating a great deal of items from one place to another. We’re talking about moving from one city, state or even country to another 

Preferably this is accomplished by working with a company that specializes in long distance hauling. This type of moving specialist knows all about the ins and outs of the logistics needed to plan for such an event..

When Should You Consider Using a Long Distance Moving Company?

Any time that you have a large quantity of items to move, for one thing. Big items such as a piano need to be handled with extreme care. Maybe you simply have way too many items in your old home that you can’t possibly move by yourself. That’s when professionals will be best suited for the task.

Either way, you’ll want a moving company that can move with ease and efficiency. Also consider your budget.

Your budget is a consideration for many moving decisions, and it’s important to take care of one aspect of the equation at a time. 

Once you’ve determined how you’ll be moving your stuff, you’ll need to learn more about how to hire a long distance moving company. 

Long distance moving companies are an efficient solution for moving your home or belongings.

What to Look For in a Reputable Long Distance Moving Company

A good long distance moving company should have a number of core qualities. 

These are the very things you’ll want to look for when considering whether or not you want to hire them:

  • Insurance – Make sure you are covered for things like damages during the move
  • Stability – Check to make sure the company has been around for a while
  • Contact information – The long distance moving company should be very easy to reach
  • Customer service – The representatives need to know what they are talking about and be easy to reach
  • Customer reviews – This will tell you what people really think about your moving company’s service 

Some of these qualities are relatively easy to understand, and the others are fairly unique to long distance moving companies. 

What To Include in Your Contract

Professional moving companies worth their weight will sit with you and explain every detail of the moving contract.  

To narrow down the list, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What types of destinations will I be moving to? 
  • How many miles do I expect to travel? 
  • What type of packing and moving assistance is the company going to provide? 
  • What should I expect in the fees associated with the move? 

Your needs must be tailored to your circumstances no matter if you are transplanting to a new city or to a different country. This is why consulting with your movers beforehand is so important.

For instance, if you’re moving to a new state, you’ll need to pack your things as if you’re going to be moving in right away.

How Long Does It Usually Take?

As long as you consult carefully with your movers, it shouldn’t take very long to get you relocated. Mostly it just depends where you are and where you wish to go.  

You should receive an estimated time for moving almost immediately after your consultation with the moving company. This will give you plenty of time for coordinating the move and there should be some extra time for last minute changes.

What Are Some Moving Tips?

Your moving company consultant will normally discuss options with you about planning out times and packing considerations. There are plenty of things to help make your move go stress free so nothing is forgotten.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Inventory Your Items – Take pictures and or video of all items that are being packed for the move. This helps if you have damage claims
  • Utilities – Plan on when you need to have the gas, lights, etc turned off at the old place and turned on at the new home
  • Vehicles – Prep to make sure registration and tags are up to date. If moving to another state, you might consider getting your vehicle serviced before your trip
  • Mail – Be sure to forward mail to your new address
  • Bank and Credit Cards – Don’t forget to update your debit/credit cards to your new address

What To Do After the Move

After the moving company has completed the move, you should do a careful inventory of your items. Immediately report damaged items so you can make a claim if needed.

Be sure certain comforts are available such as cable and internet are turned on. Check that all utilities are operational. It would also be a good idea to head out to your post office to check for mail. 

Texas Movers Group Has Your Long Distance Moving Needs Covered

With 20 years experience in moving our customer’s treasured items, you better believe you can count on Texas Movers Group to get your items transported safely and responsibly. We have a stellar reputation and our customer service is phenomenal.

We can handle your move, whether nationally or internationally. You can choose to pack your goods or we can pack it for you with no problems. In Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or Austin, contact Texas Movers Group today to get started.