August 6, 2021

5 Budget-Friendly Long-Distance Moving Tips

Here at Texas Movers Group, we are well aware that moving is a stressful time for most people. They have to pack and move all of their belongings while feeling overwhelmed by the whole ordeal.

This is especially true if you have to move out of your own home. When you have a lot of furniture to transport, it can be impossible to find affordable moving companies that will keep you within your budget.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should let yourself get ripped off when it comes to moving costs. Follow these 5 budget-friendly long-distance moving tips which will help you save a considerable amount on the big day.

Understand the Cost of Long-Distance Moving

Nowadays, most long-distance moving companies have apps that can be accessed through smartphones and tablets. These apps provide an interactive and interactive map so that you can learn about the area in which you will be moving.

Most companies use these apps to explain the cost of long-distance moving. For example, if you will be moving to a city in another state, you can learn about the cost of renting a vehicle, hiring a moving company, or how much it would cost to purchase packing boxes.

It is important to know the prices before you move. It’s always recommended to contact your movers for a free consultation so a representative can walk you through the process step by step

It’s Cheaper To Pack Yourself Right? (Hint: No It Isn’t)

Have you ever considered how much better the packing and moving process would be if you packed everything yourself? This may seem like a crazy idea since it’s a lot of work for you to lug around all of your belongings. You’d be right, it’s a crazy idea.

Sure, you can actually pack everything yourself and you may actually save a few bucks, but it’s just not practical for long distance moving. By the time you run around purchasing boxes, packing materials, plus more for the larger items, a professional moving team could have already taken care of everything for you.

But what if you don’t want to worry about any of the packings? Consider using a White Glove Service if your budget allows for it. You’ll still stay within budget and save yourself the mental anguish of a large move.

Pick a Good Time for Your Move

Timing is key when making a cross country move. You’ll eventually have to know when to make an educated decision about moving. It’s actually cheaper to get the move done while the weather is nice. Things you’ll need to think about are:

  • You should be able to estimate how much furniture, appliances, and other valuables you will be moving. If not for instance one of our expert Personal Long Distance Moving Consultants will be happy to help.
  • Will you be moving while the weather is warm? It would make better sense so that no one will be caught in a snowstorm.
  • Are you planning on selling items? You can always do this easier when the weather is nice for yard sales

Get Rid of or Sell Large Items if You Can

Before you pack the moving truck, consider what you have to move. What furniture or kitchen items do you have that are too large or just plain too old and unwanted?

Think about what you want to keep, sell, or donate to your neighbors. You’ll have a more manageable load, and they can benefit from all of your furniture and other possessions.

If you have possessions you simply can’t live without but don’t want to take them with you right now, you might want to consider putting them in storage.  This saves both time and money.

Know How To Pack Everything Properly

When you are moving, it is a lot easier to overpack than underpack. Some people even try to pack everything in one or two boxes.

This will create a lot of waste and become a real hassle. Therefore, you should make sure that everything you will need is packed properly in boxes before you start your move.

Then, when you have everything you need, you can open a few boxes and start putting your new home together.

Packing boxes that are of the same size is also a good idea. It is much easier to bring the boxes to the moving van or truck when they are of the same size.

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

There are a lot of moving companies out there, but most of them aren’t actually licensed and professional movers. If you hire someone like this, they might put your stuff in the wrong place or damage your furniture.

They also might bring in their friends and family to help them pack your belongings, which will add a lot of unnecessary stress to your moving day. Therefore, you should hire a professional moving company and get them to pack your things.

They will follow the correct packing checklist for long distance moving, which will help you save a considerable amount of time and money.

Professional movers normally have a great reputation and are reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is long distance moving really expensive when you use professional movers?

Actually moving long distances doesn’t have to be expensive. That is if you decide to use a professional moving service. What you spend when you try to do this all by yourself will turn out to be way more expensive.

This is because professional long distance movers already have everything you’ll need. This includes boxes, packing materials, people to help load and unload and even storage facilities if you need it.

When you only have to deal with one business for all your needs, it saves money bigtime.

Is it better just to take everything with me all at once?

Sometimes it’s better to take everything with you all at once, but we wouldn’t recommend it on a limited budget. One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is to bring way too much stuff.

It’s a fact that most people who move long distances really don’t want or need half of the items they take with them when moving.

Save yourself time, energy and stress by dumping, selling or donating the items you can really live without. Concentrate on ridding yourself of the largest items first, such as old appliances and worn out furniture and bedding.

Texas Movers Group Can Help You Save Time and Stick to Your Budget When Moving Long Distances

Moving long distances may be a pain sometimes, but the Texas Movers group can help alleviate the stress that goes along with it.  We know a thing or two about keeping to your budget while getting your items safely moved. Contact Texas Movers Group today to find out more.