August 6, 2021

Is it Safe to Hire Movers During COVID in 2021?

You’ve seen moving companies’ ads on TV all the time. They promise you that their movers will help you move from one apartment to another safely, with a minimum of damage to your belongings and taking COVID precautions.

However, do these companies have your best interests at heart or are they looking to make a buck from you? And if they are, are they using ethical practices?

No one on those ads answers the question that you all want to really know: Is it safe to hire movers during COVID in 2021?

Here at Texas Movers Group, we’ve got all of your questions covered. And yes, it’s perfectly safe to hire movers during COVID!

This article will explain the safety procedures that professional moving companies use and precautions you should take.

The Unspoken Questions

When you have a big move and have a lot of possessions to move, it’s hard to pick the safest movers for your situation. You want someone who will be there and do the job quickly, but you don’t know who you can trust.

This is where hiring a professional moving company comes in. There are several factors that determine whether a moving company is a good choice or a bad one.

  • The movers’ reputation is the first thing to check – Look up online reviews and trust the feedback you get. But if you don’t have time to do this, ask a friend to point you to a reputable moving company.
  • Next, contact the company to find out how they operate – Have no shame in asking about their COVID-19 procedures. Be sure to listen to everything they have to say about their COVID plan. Ask to get their procedures in writing if you need to.

Professional Moving Companies

What exactly is the background of professional moving companies? What happens during each stage of your moving? Who really makes decisions about your safety?

All these questions should be easily answered by your potential moving company.  Moving companies are not like normal companies that you would expect to get their services from.

They are not normally owned and operated by ordinary people but by the professionals themselves. Usually, each moving company has a network of moving professionals that have been certified by the network. And they follow certain standards when moving your belongings.

What to Look for in a Movers During COVID-19

When you decide to move, you need a professional mover. The major concern is whether that mover is really skilled in handling a variety of appliances, heavy loads and a variety of needs.

  • Ask and observe if they wear masks and gloves. This should be happening when the representatives first meet you at your home to determine what services you’ll need.

This should also occur when your items are being moved out of the old home and especially into the new home.

Before signing a contract, you must ensure that they are fully insured, and are qualified to deal with your needs. Not all moving companies offer a 24/7 on-call service. Some have limited hours but during those hours they always send their own emergency response teams.

Following are some steps to ensure that you get the right mover for your moving needs:

  • Always choose professional movers who are highly skilled
  • Make sure they are fully insured
  • Never just go with the name of a moving company that has been on TV for more than ten years. Check their website and other independent websites for their customer reviews.

See if their most recent customers have observed the moving team either following or ignoring COVID-19 guidelines.

Other Things You Need to Consider

One factor that people often neglect when they are looking to hire a mover during COVID-19 is the service they are going to get. The most common complaint about movers is that they do not come quickly enough.

But the truth is, you don’t need a mover who has a 3-hour turnaround time or more. It’s the same as ordering delivery food in a restaurant, which might get the delivery delayed if it’s busy at the restaurant that night.

In contrast, your stuff needs to get to your new home and you are expecting it to get there without any damage to it. What do you want to wait for?

As such, don’t always trust the moving companies’ ads that promise you “safe” movers during COVID in 2021. Always check their services and credentials before you sign on.

You can check their websites, references and other company documents online.

Considerations and Tips Before Hiring Moving Companies

Some movers have been thoroughly screened, tested, and accredited by national associations of reputable moving companies. Others do not have an established affiliation with organizations that regulate the industry.

For this reason, you’ll have to do your own research before hiring any moving companies. Make sure that the company you choose has been accredited by a specific body. If that’s not the case, you should still consider the company’s reputation for ethical practices, the services it provides, and the fees they charge.

Many movers have built a customer base through word of mouth. They do their best to improve their service in an effort to win your business. However, you should always make sure that their company has been thoroughly vetted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions should you take with movers during COVID-19?

  • Remember to be sure that the company you’re moving with has the proper licenses to transport your belongings. It is vital that you work with a company that holds all the required certifications, permits, and licenses.
  • Also, get an understanding of the company’s liability insurance policy. A liability insurance is a contract between the company and their customers that indemnifies them from any legal action stemming from the conduct of their employees.
  • Make sure the moving team uses gloves and masks before, during the initial move and during the final move
  • Ask if the moving truck is disinfected each time a move occurs
  • Make sure everyone involved with the move wears proper masks and gloves

Texas Movers Group Takes Your Safety Seriously

We hope you enjoyed our article all about is it safe to hire movers during COVID in 2021. For over twenty years Texas Movers Group has safely and reliably helped our customers get their items moved.

Whether across town, cross country or across the ocean, our standards of safety and professionalism have never changed. We follow all COVID-19 guidelines and procedures to ensure our and your safety.

Contact Texas Movers Group today to get your items moved safely.